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DESCRIPTON OF OPERATIONS:          Heartland Recycling - Aurora CCDD, LLC (the "Company") is the owner of a former limestone quarry occupying approximately 55-acres in the City of Aurora, Illinois.  At this location, the Company accepts clean construction and demolition debris ("CCDD", as defined by applicable regulation) as part of a process to reclaim and redevelop the quarry site for future use.  CCDD is accepted under a permit issued by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and in accordance with IEPA regulations.  Regulations require the Company to perform a background investigation of the site where materials are generated, including in some cases laboratory analysis of materials, to insure that no contaminated materials are received.  The reclamation process will require some 2,500,000 cubic yards of fill or approximately 227,000 semi-loads to bring the property to design grade.  It is anticipated that the site will be in operation for 10 to 15 years or approximately through 2025.

Materials Accepted:

HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday-Friday 7:00am-3:30pm; Saturday By Appointment

(Call ahead for winter hours)

Why Choose Heartland Recycling - Aurora CCDD?

Low Prices - Competitive pricing on clean fill disposal. No hidden surcharges of any kind.

Streamlined Approval Process – We will get the relevant information on your project and get you an approval promptly, assuming all information is in order.  In many cases approvals may take less than 24-hours.

Convenience – Located along Interstate 88, trucks can access our facility promptly.  Average time a truck is on site is under 10 minutes.  We offer rapid approval for new projects and on-site PH testing services.

Customer Service – You can reach us by phone anytime.   We will make special arrangements to accomodate your project, including extended hours.  Whatever you need to get the job done on time and on budget.

CALL US NOW for questions about our services
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